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Our Current Governors

Chairperson - Elected- LA Governor- Appointed by LA Mrs Jenny Dudgeon appointed 23/03/16 expiry of term 22/03/24
Parent Governors

Mrs Anna Heasman appointed 19/09/18 expiry of term 20/09/22

Mr Andrew Proudfoot appointed 21/05/18 expiry of term 22/05/22

Mrs Jo Campbell appointed 20/09/17 expiry of term 20/09/25

Governor- Headteacher Mrs Laura Collins expiry of term N/A
Teacher Governor - Elected Mrs Sally Cleaves appointed 27/01/16 expiry of term 26/01/24
Foundation Governors- appointed by Diocese

Mr Paul Wenham appointed 18/05/18  expiry of term - 21/05/22

Mr Richard Williams appointed 01/05/18 expiry of term 30/04/22



Clerk to the Governors Mrs Emma Kersey
Finance Committee  
Mrs Jenny Dudgeon  
Mrs Laura Collins  
Mr Andrew Proudfoot  
Mr Paul Wenham  


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