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Lockdown Policy

As part of an East Sussex  directive we have a plan for "lockdowns". Lockdown procedures are important and would be used in response to an internal or external incident which could be a threat to the safety of staff and children in the school. 

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations. These may be:

  1. A reported incident, disturbance in the local community
  2. An intruder on the site
  3. A warning being received regarding a local risk of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc)
  4. A major fire in the vicinity of the school
  5. The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming close

In order to warn of these dangers we use our blue silent alarm system.

In the event of an actual lockdown, any incident or development will be communicated to parents as soon as is practicable. Parents will be given enough information about what will happen so that they :

  • Are reassured that the school understand their concern for their child’s welfare, and that it is doing everything possible to ensure their safety
  • Do not need to contact the school. Calling the school could tie up telephone lines that are needed for contacting emergency providers
  • Do not come to the school. They could interfere with  emergency provider’s access to the school and may even put themselves and others in danger
  • Wait for the school to contact them about when it is safe for you to come and collect their children, and where this will be from.

Parents will be told:

“ …the school is in a full lockdown situation. During this period the switchboard and entrances will be un-manned, external doors locked and nobody allowed in or out…”

Parents and carers will then be informed as soon as the situation has been resolved and how they will be able to collect their children. 

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