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Welcome to Topaz Class - Yr 3/4

January 2021 Learning At Home Projects

Our lessons for January can be found on the Topaz Learning Projects Page, located here.


DICE Topic Term 3 - Rocks, Relics, and Rumbles

Our DICE topic for Term 3 is called 'Rocks, Relics, and Rumbles' and is a Geography unit, focusing on geology and natural disasters, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We will learn about different types of rocks and their formation, the makeup of the Earth, plate tectonics, how mountains are formed, the parts of a volcano, the locations of volcanoes and historical earthquakes, and much more! 



Useful Websites

We use a variety of online resources to help support what we do in school that your children can access at home if they wish. These include the following:

Purple MashPurpleMash - a platform which has various games, apps, topics, and projects included to support both the Computing and wider curriculum.

Letter-join Handwriting Scheme - Biggin Hill Primary Academy

Letterjoin - a website to support children with their handwriting, including a range of online and printable resouces.

The Home Of Classroom Fitness for Children - Fitter Future

Fitter Futures - a physical activity website with tons of indoor and outdoor workouts for children to try if they wish.

Your child should have their own personal logins for both PurpleMash and Fitter Futures. The school login for Letterjoin has been shared previously. If you need it, please do not hesitate to email me. The same can be arranged if your child does not know their PurpleMash or Fitter Futures login.

Please click on the pictures to be taken to any of these websites.

DICE Topic Websites

These websites are related to our DICE topic, which is called 'Rocks, Relics, and Rumbles' and focuses on geology and natural disasters.

As always, although these websites have been checked by staff, it is recommended you look at them first before you share them with children to ensure you are happy with their content.

DKfindout! – Earth’s Layers – A useful website with diagrams and useful information on the layers of the earth and what these contain.

Britannica Kids – Plate tectonics - A great page with information on the different tectonic plates of the world, including their names and how they move and includes a tectonic plate map.

DKfindout! – Rocks and Minerals - On here you'll find excellent information on types of rocks, with wonderful diagrams to help you recognise them.

National Geographic Kids – Mary Anning Facts! - When learning about Mary Anning, this page will help you! It includes amazing facts about her and her discoveries. 

DKfindout! – How Tectonic Plates Move - A great website that has diagrams and information about the different ways tectonic plates move. 

BBC Bitesize – Latitude and Longitude - On this page on the BBC website, you will find lots of information about how longitude and latitude are used, helping us to locate any place on Earth!

DKfindout! – Earthquake Facts - On this impressive website, you can find facts about lots of major earthquakes of the past.

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