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Term 3 - Off With Her Head!


Off With Her Head!

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad?

Travel back in time to the 1500s and meet the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history. Discover an opulent court where dancing and singing goes hand in hand with swift falls from favour - and even swifter falling of heads! Develop your painting skills in miniature, solve riddles and remember to protect your precious neck with a large white ruff - if you want to survive at Tudor court! Flex your detective muscles and become a criminal investigator! Will you find out the facts, or will the evidence from the past bemuse you? How will you find the accused...innocent or guilty? 

It's your turn to take part in one of the most famous trials the world has ever known!

Fun Facts

  • Henry VIII was the first English king to appoint a court painter.  He hated the style of English painters, so he invited a German artist, Hans Holbein the Younger, to do the job!
  • Anne Boleyn was the first English queen to be publicly executed.  Henry sent for a French swordsman to do the deed.  He was paid £23 and took off her head in one swift blow.
  • Executions were often bungled.  Some executioners took several swings of the axe to finish the job.  Ouch!
  • On 19th May each year, mysterious red roses were placed on Anne Boleyn's marble tomb in the chapel of the Tower of London.  Only recently was their sender revealed!
  • Anne's ghost is said to haunt several key buildings, including the Tower of London and her childhood home, Hever Castle in Kent.  Spooky!
  • Henry VIII lost a lot of money to Anne Boleyn playing cards, as she was an excellent player.
  • Anne Boleyn was the wealthiest of all Henry's wives, and the most charitable.  She gave more money to the poor in three years than Catherine of Aragon did in her 20-year reign.
  • Henry married his third wife, Jane Seymour, just 11 days after Anne Boleyn was beheaded.
  • Around 72 000 people were executed during Henry's 38-year reign.  That's a terrifying average of 1895 people each year.
  • Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell ordered the dissolution of over 800 monasteries.
  • In Tudor times, only boys were sent to school.  If they were naughty, they were beaten with a rod or whipped.  Rich families would pay a 'whipping boy' to take the punishment when it was their son's turn.  How unfair!
  • There were no fridges or freezers in Tudor times, so meat was preserved by rubbing salt into it.
  • To cure baldness, some Tudor doctors recommended using shampoo made from crushed beetles, and rubbing the fat from a dead fox into your head!
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Term 3 2017 Home Learning - Due Monday, 5th February, 2018

Letter - join

Welcome to our new handwriting scheme. Handwriting is a very important element of school life, and the associated skills need to be taught carefully. We have adopted the Letter-Join strategy for handwriting across the entire school and cursive script will be taught to everyone. We would love you to encourage your children to practise using the new letter formation! Details of how to download resources are available below. 

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