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Welcome to Ruby Class- Reception


Welcome to Ruby Class Page!

Here you will find links to useful websites, useful documents you can download and all the information about classroom matters and learning for the coming term.

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Our Classroom

Term 1 - Autumn 2023

In the Habitats project, your child will learn what a habitat provides for the plants and animals that live there and that habitats contain both living and non-living things. They will identify living things using the seven life processes and sort the non-living things into those that have lived and those that have never lived. They will use spotting sheets to identify plants and animals from a woodland habitat by carefully observing their physical characteristics. They will research how a woodland habitat provides the things necessary for the survival of the animals that live there. Your child will learn about food chains and construct their own food chains for the woodland habitat. They will investigate the different ways prey animals avoid being eaten and conduct an investigation into animal camouflage. They will also look at the different methods plants use to avoid being eaten and group them according to how they defend themselves. Your child will then use the skills they have learned in the project to investigate the living things, food chains and adaptations in a mystery habitat.

In reception, your child will listen to a range of stories and will take part in a variety of activities that encourage discussions about themselves, to enable us all to get to know each other. We will start to think about what makes us marvellous and unique! We will also look at a number of books featuring people from around the world and will consider how our experiences are similar and different.

Purple Mash

A reminder that we have joined the Purple Mash community for teaching and learning computing and digital literacy. The children all have their own logins to access the games , activites and programs on the website, and they will be able to explain to you how it all works. If they have forgotten their login, we have a record of them and will be able to provide them to you! Click the picture to go to the login page. 

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