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Term 6 - Superheroes

KERPOW! Intergalactic greetings, young heroes. It’s time to rescue the planet from evil villains!


Who’s your favourite superhero? Spiderman? Wonder Woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who’ve achieved great things. Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire most?


Superheroes have super senses. Use yours to identify mystery items by their smell, taste, sound and touch. What do true superheroes eat to keep their senses and special powers sharp?


Can we stop the dastardly plans of Professor Slime? He’s dropping his villainous instructions around town. We must stop people following them, but can we make it in time?


Is that phone box free? Please excuse me… I have to save the world! ZAP! WHIZZ! ZOOOOOOM!


For more information see our Curriculum Newsletter.


Did you know?

On his first appearance in a comic, the Incredible Hulk was grey. However there were problems with the consistency of the print colours, so he became green! (Remember… just don’t make him angry: you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!)


The head of Marvel Comics was initially worried that readers who were frightened of spiders would also be scared of Spider-Man.


Sakinat Khanapiyeva is the strongest grandma in the world. The 76-year old from Dagestan, Russia, can lift a 24kg dumb-bell, break horseshoes and twist 5cm hick steel rods. Supergran!


Known as ‘the Human Spider’, Alain Robert has climbed most of the tallest skyscrapers in the world using only his hands and climbing shoes.  He has scaled landmark buildings like the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House.


National Park Ranger, Roy Cleveland Sullivan, was struck by lightning on seven separate occasions and survived them all. That’s why he earned the nickname, the ‘Human Lightning Conductor’!


The world record for the most people dressed as superheroes was achieved by 1,580 participants in an event organised by Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California, USA on 2 October 2010.


The Rubber Boy is the most flexible man alive and the most famous contortionist. He dislocates his arms to crawl through an unstrung tennis racquet. He performs contortion handstands and unique acrobatics.

Ruby Documents


Welcome to our new handwriting scheme. Handwriting is a very important element of school life, and the associated skills need to be taught carefully. We have adopted the Letter-Join strategy for handwriting across the entire school and cursive script will be taught to everyone. We would love you to encourage your children to practise using the new letter formation! Details of how to download resources are available below. 

Fun and Games

Purple Mash

A reminder that we have joined the Purple Mash community for teaching and learning computing and digital literacy. The children all have their own logins to access the games , activites and programs on the website, and they will be able to explain to you how it all works. If they have forgotten their login, we have a record of them and will be able to provide them to you! Click the picture to go to the login page. 

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