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Term 2- Moon Zoom!

Crash! What’s that in the garden? Let’s go outside and take a look. Stand back everyone - it looks like a UFO has crash-landed!

Find out who might have landed by exploring the craft and investigation scattered scientific specimens. Create a ‘Welcome to Earth’ box for an alien explorer. What can you put in it to help explain what life is like on our planet?

Would you like to be an astronaut? You’ll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Start off small by making an air propelled rocket… WHOOSH! How far can you make it travel?

Find out the names of the planets. There’s Mercury, Neptune, Mars and… do you know any others?

Then, an alien is found… can you help him get home? It’s got the experts in a right kerfuffle. Professor Pong doesn’t know what to do!

Are you ready for take-off? Hold tight… 5 4 3 2 1… LIFT OFF!

Please see the Curriculum Newsletter for more information.

Did you know?

8 planets orbit the Sun making up our solar system. The four inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

The surface of the Moon has approximately the same area as the continent of Africa

The first men on the Moon were American astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. A third astronaut, Michael Collins, went with them and flew around the Moon, as pilot of the command module, while his two colleague took the lunar module down to the Moon’s surface.

A lunar module is a small craft use for travelling between the Moon’s surface and the command module.

A moonquake is a tremor on the Moon’s surface.

When two spacecraft join, it is called ‘docking’

A flight simulator is a training machine for pilots that mimic a spacecraft in flight.


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Welcome to our new handwriting scheme. Handwriting is a very important element of school life, and the associated skills need to be taught carefully. We have adopted the Letter-Join strategy for handwriting across the entire school and cursive script will be taught to everyone. We would love you to encourage your children to practise using the new letter formation! Details of how to download resources are available below. 

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A reminder that we have joined the Purple Mash community for teaching and learning computing and digital literacy. The children all have their own logins to access the games , activites and programs on the website, and they will be able to explain to you how it all works. If they have forgotten their login, we have a record of them and will be able to provide them to you! Click the picture to go to the login page. 

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