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Welcome to Ruby Class Foundation/Year 1


Welcome to Ruby Class Page!

Here you will find links to useful websites, useful documents you can download and all the information about classroom matters and learning for the coming term.

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Our Classroom

Term 3 2021- Are we nearly there yet?

Which vehicles move quickly? Can you ride a bike to Australia? How has trancsport changed in the last 100 years? How does a bike work? How do we keep safe on the roads?

Answer these questions and more in this project about transport and travel near and far!

Term 2 2020- The Enchanted Woodland

If you go down to the woods today your'e in for a BIG surprise! Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls, in the swaying tree tops. Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints...animal or imp? You decide!

Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to it's tree? Can you match a petal to it's flower?

Let's build a den, stick by stick and branch by branch. Or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy!

Then let's party down in the woods, with Mr Fox and all his woodland friends. We'd better not get lost..... let's leave a trail of conkers as we go! 

At last it's time to rest by the fire, listening to stories and toasting our sweet, gooey marshmallows. Yum yum!

Ruby Documents


Welcome to our new handwriting scheme. Handwriting is a very important element of school life, and the associated skills need to be taught carefully. We have adopted the Letter-Join strategy for handwriting across the entire school and cursive script will be taught to everyone. We would love you to encourage your children to practise using the new letter formation! Details of how to download resources are available below. 


Fun and Games

Purple Mash

A reminder that we have joined the Purple Mash community for teaching and learning computing and digital literacy. The children all have their own logins to access the games , activites and programs on the website, and they will be able to explain to you how it all works. If they have forgotten their login, we have a record of them and will be able to provide them to you! Click the picture to go to the login page. 

Oxford Owl

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