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Netherfield School Council 2023-2024
Our fantastic School Prime Ministers and School Council representatives 2023-24!

What makes our School Council successful?

Our School Council is one that represents the views of all pupils and gets things done. To enable us to be successful we..... 

  • Have a weekly meeting.
  • Have a council that is not too big.
  • Have leaders within our council - two Prime Ministers with specific duties. 
  • Have fantastic communication between our representatives and their classes.
  • Have systems for all pupils to commuincate to the school council. 
  • Use Class Dojo and the school newlstters to communicate with parents and carers.  
  • Are motivated, passionate, creative and driven. 

School Council Election - September 2023. Election fever hits Netherfield! 

At the beginning of September our School Council election was launched! During Collective Worship the children learnt about the role of the School Council, the qualities that would be needed to be a school councillor, how the election process would happen and some of their key responsibilities throughout the year. 

Then the fun started.... the children had two weeks to run their election campaigns! There was an election buzz throughout the school and we saw badges, posters, songs, stickers and power points. Some candidates even had election campaign managers! The children of Netherfield showed how dedicated, special and unique they are! 

The Year 6 candidates who were running for school Prime Minitser did a speech to the whole school explaining why we should vote for them. They were sensational! They also wrote to Mrs. Collins, our Head teacher, to explain why they were the right person for the job. 

ALL the children who put themselves forward were incredible. Their courage, vision, confidence and commitment to making our school even better was inspiring. 

Then came election day, the children voted in their classes for the class representatives and the whole school voted for the Prime Minisiters. The votes were counted and the results were in!

We now have our fantastic School Council for the next year! 

Projects so far this year:

- Organised suggestion boxes for every classroom - every voice matters at Netherfield! We check these boxes every week at our weekly meetings. We love acting on the pupil voice!  

- Met with Simon from 'Wightman and Parish' to discuss changing the hand dryers in the toilets to paper towel dispensers. We have listened to pupil voice that the children find them too noisy and don't want to use them. We are discussing the new possibility with our classes and feeding back to Mrs. Bryant. Watch this space.... 

- Kept parents and carers updated with posts on Class Dojo, Tapestry, School Newsletters and Ping. 

- Kept our corridor display board updated with all our projects! 

- Gave out Hymn sheets at our Harvest Festival at Church.

- Met with Sarah from Chartwells to provide pupil voice around the change of lunch menu. 

- Arranged 'Children in Need 2023'. We sold Pudsey merchandise on the playground before school every day for a week. On Friday 17th November we had a spotty, stripey and colourful mufti day, and brought in loose coins to try and cover Pudsey, and we did! We also had a 'Pudsey Potato Completion' where children had the challenge of turning a potato into Pudsey! Mrs. Collins judged the competition and the winner won a cuddly Pudsey. Our ‘Pudsey Potatoes’ were features on BBC South East News - wow! We were very excited! We raised a MASSIVE £461.17 and our very proud of ourselves! 

- Arranged 'Love in a Box 2023'. The School Council are OVER THE MOON to announce that Netherfield School has collected a MASSIVE .....90 boxes of love!! Which is even more than the fabulous total of last year. Thank you to everyone who donated a box. You have changed Christmas for so many children! Once again, the children and families of Netherfield school have shown our motto, ‘Love never fails’. We collect boxes for ‘Living Life Eastbourne’ who disribute the boxes in Croatia. We are very proud of ourselves! 

- Arranged a Book Swap to link with World Book Day which was a great success where every child got two new books! 

- Met with Claire, a waste Manager from the Local Authority, to organise and roll out paper recycling in school. This was one of our Prime Minister's election campaigns which he has been delighted to introduce! 

- Arranged ‘Red Nose Day 2024’. We organised a Red Nose Day raffle and sold raffle trickers before school. The prize was a very exciting Red Nose water bottle and £15 amazon voucher. We also organised a red mufti day and asked people to bring in pennies to try and cover the red noses… and we did it…we covered them! We are OVER THE MOON that we raised a MASSIVE £312.60! Once again showing that we are a little school with an incredibly big heart.

Election fever hit Netherfield again!

Suggestion boxes in every classroom - every voice matters!

Meeting with Simon from 'Wightman and Parrish' about new paper towel dispensers in the toilets

Children in Need 2023 - we raised a MASSIVE £461.17 and were on BBC South East News today!

Our 'Pudsey Potato Competition' was on BBC South East News!


Love in a Box 2023 - We collected a FANTASTIC 90 boxes!

We organised a whole school Book Swap for World Book Day!

Red Nose Day 2024 - we raised a MASSIVE £312.60! Well done everyone!

Have you seen our School Council board in the corridor?

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