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E- Safety

All children are regularly taught about keeping themselves safe while online.
In particular they are advised to:

  • keep their passwords and login details secret and to change them if they ever      suspect they have become known
  • be very careful about giving out personal information
  • tell an adult if anything upsets them while they are online
  • only chat and communicate with people they know
  • print out a copy of any malicious or insulting message they receive
  • be aware that anything they say or post online can be tracked back to them
  • follow the principles of the school's own eSafety policy, which they have signed personally


It is against the rules for any child under the age of 13 to have a facebook account. As a school it is part or our responsibility to keep you safe so we will always report any underage user.

Please have a look at these websites, they have activities you can work through with your child so they can stay safe online


A sequence of cartoons for younger children


Excellent website for older primary school children

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