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September Question

Who should we fundraise for this year?

Upcoming School Council Events:

None at the moment - watch this space!

Recent Discussion

26th September

We began our meeting by introducing all of the new members for this year. Congratulations on winning your class elections! We then discussed the role of a representative, what they have to do and what the job of a school council is. Afterwards, we moved onto our first official order of business: Children In Need.

We discussed possible fundraising ideas and Mr Payne showed us what had been sent to the school in the post. We decided that the Duck Race, which will be televised on Friday 17th November, will be watched by the school. The adults in school will pay £2 to sponsor a duck and the proceeds will go straight to Children In Need.

We will also have a ‘spots’ mufti day on the 17th, and a school Children In Need disco that week.




10th July

In our final School Council meeting of the year, we discussed what we felt were the successes of the School Council this year. The representatives were particuluarly proud of fundraising events like Red Nose Day and Children In Need, and mentioned that they felt the School Discos were very popular with the children across the school.

We also looked forward to next year. Although there will be new elections in September, the current School Council was very positive about what will happen next year. They thought the new council should focus on making sure children outside of School Council continue to have a say in what is discussed by writing on the School Council suggestion sheets.

  • What makes our School Council a good one?

    A good School Council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done!

    Many schools have councils, but they are not all successful. These are some things that make our council effective:

    • Regular meetings
    • A council that is not too big
    • Class/Form councils that meet regularly
    • Good communication between representatives and their class
    • Training for school council members
    • Smaller groups (subcommittees) working on specific events or issues
    • A bank account