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May Question

What is your favourite event in Sports Day? What would you change about Sports Day?

Upcoming School Council Events:

None at the moment - watch this space!

Recent Discussion

12th March

We discussed what we would do as a school for Sport Relief this year, which is the 17th to the 23rd March. We had a look on the Sports Relief website and discussed what we could do that was suggested on there.

One of the suggestions was for schools to take up the Daily Mile. As we already do this, we discussed how we could change it/adapt it for Sports Relief. We took suggestions from the website and discussed our own. Each day, during Sports Relief, we are going to run the Daily Mile a different way:

Monday – Hula Hoop

Tuesday – Skip-a-thon

Wednesday – Water Challenge

Thurday – Boogie

Friday - Footie

Classes will also follow the Fitter Futures suggested timetable to get their children up and active more during this week.




5th February

We discussed our fundraising events for the next few terms. The representatives are going to go to the other members of their class and discuss ideas for Sport Relief, which runs from the 17th to the 23rd March. We discussed what we have done in previous years and looked at the Sport Relief website for ideas. We are going to discuss it in more detail and make a decision on what we do at our next meeting.

We also discussed the new playground equipment that has been provided for the children to use this year. This included the 'gym' equipment in the playground, but also the new scooters and bikes. The feedback was hugely positive. The children said they knew that most people used the equipment and everyone loved using it, especially the new gym equipment.




19th December

In our final meeting of 2017, we discussed the Christmas events that had gone on so far. The representatives said that all of the children seemed to really enjoy Christmas Party Day for so many reasons, including the party games, the lunch and meeting Father Christmas. However, all of the representatives commented on how much everyone enjoyed the Silent Disco in the afternoon and how they would love to do it again!

We also talked about what School Council can do for the school moving forward into 2018. We discussed fundraising for Red Nose Day (which will be in Term 4 as it is the 24th March) and what ideas we could use. We talked about different themes for a Mufti Day, and the representatives are going to talk to their classmates and let us know about other fundraising ideas.

  • What makes our School Council a good one?

    A good School Council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done!

    Many schools have councils, but they are not all successful. These are some things that make our council effective:

    • Regular meetings
    • A council that is not too big
    • Class/Form councils that meet regularly
    • Good communication between representatives and their class
    • Training for school council members
    • Smaller groups (subcommittees) working on specific events or issues
    • A bank account
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