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Ruby Learning Projects 4th Jan

Dear Rubies,

Did you have a good Christmas? Did Father Christmas visit your house? These were all questions I wanted to ask you in person, but it will have to wait! I'd like to start by wishing you all a very happy new year, and hope you all stay in good health!

Until we can see each other again at school please do continue to post on Tapestry - photos, videos and comments of all the things you have been enjoying doing at home!

As we cannot learn together at school, I have put together some learning you can do/take part in at home. These are linked, where possible, to our learning journey for this term, 'Are we nearly there yet?'. The new curriculum newsletter outlining what I had planned for you all this term, can be found on the Ruby Class Page on this website (see 'Classes' tab)

Some of the lessons I have chosen for you, are from a special online 'school', with videos you can watch and activities/tasks you can do throughout. The links will take you take to the lesson...and off you go! You can pause the lesson at any point and the trained teacher will tell you if you need any equipment. Sometimes you might need some objects to count with or just a pencil and paper.

I have also sourced some phonics lessons, that match the sounds we would have learnt and practised this first week back. You are all doing sooo well learning your phonemes and even writing words with them, so please keep up the practise! There are many, free online games you can play too, is you search for 'phase 3' or 'ee'/'sh' or 'igh' games, for example.

If you could aim to do one Maths and one English (literacy) per day and maybe one other area of learning (Science, Music or RE), that would be great. 

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at cclarke@netherfield.e-sussex.sch.uk You can also email me any photos that I can share with the other Rubies- it would be great to share what we are all doing! Most of the time, I will be contactable throughout the usual school day. On some days, I will be in school with our key worker and vulnerable children, and so may not answer emails as quickly on those days. I will still endeavour to answer emails as quickly as possible on these days though. 

Keep smiling, keep learning and I look forward to seeing you all soon....


Mrs Clarke

Daily Phonics Lessons

These lessons are available on the Letters and Sounds for Home and School Youtube channel. I have chosen lessons that start from where we are in our phonic learning as a class, but if your child struggles, then please start with a 'Learning to blend' Reception lesson instead, or email me and I can direct you to something more suited to your particular child. 

Lesson 1     'ai'                                                                                                            
Lesson 2    'ee'
Lesson 3    'igh'
Lesson 4    'oa'
Lesson 5   'oo'

Daily Maths Activities

This week, we will look at the topic of Addition and Subtraction as we would have been in school. These lessons are structured around pictures, objects and mathematical 'stories' and will tell you at the beginning if you need any equipment, or you can pause to get the things you need.  Don't forget to click on 'Next' to see any worksheets or extra activities. Send me some pictures when you complete any of the tasks.

Day 1


In this lesson, we will be looking at the concept of zero, its place on the number-line and how to represent it.

Reception - Lesson 1

In this lesson we will look at counting back from 19 and how to recognise representations of these numbers.

Year One - Lesson 1

Day 2


In this lesson, we will be looking in detail at addition by partitioning a whole into 2 parts and saying how many altogether.

 Reception - Lesson 2

In this lesson we will be recognising numbers to 20 by counting on from 10. This will really help the children as they find 'counting on from' really tricky.

Year One - Lesson 2

Day 3


In this lesson, we will be building on our knowledge of combining two parts, this time to include zero, to see how that affects the total.

Reception - Lesson 3

In this lesson we will look at positioning numbers to 20 on a number line.

Year One - Lesson 3

Day 4


In this lesson, we will be using the idea of 'parts' and 'the whole' to explore subtracting (taking away) one part from the whole.

Reception - Lesson 4

In this lesson we will be practising identifying one more and one less than a number within 0. They are really good at doing this with numbers to 10....

Year One - Lesson 4

Day 5


In this lesson, we will be revising addition and subtraction together. It shows how they are linked together.

Reception - Lesson 5

In this lesson we will compare numbers to 20 using tens and ones to say which has more or fewer.

Year One - Lesson 5

Daily English Activities

These English lessons are fun activities built around a story, 'The Noisy House' for Reception and Instruction Writing for Year Ones (we will be writing instructions this term). Swap if you'd rather do the opposite year group.

Day 1


In this lesson, we will be responding to a story all about a man who lives in a noisy house and seeks out his neighbours for help....

 Reception Lesson 1

 In this lesson we will be shown how to make a magic hat and then will map out instructions to help us remember.

Year One Lesson 1

Day 2


In this lesson, we will make a story map to help us remember and retell the story.

Reception - Lesson 2

Using your map from yesterday, you will use it to instruct someone to make the hat!

Year One - Lesson 2

Day 3


In this lesson, we will be learning how to 'step out' a story- retelling it whilst moving about. 

Reception - Lesson 3

Today finds you using role play to act out your set of instructions. Please send me a video!

Year One - Lesson 3

Day 4


In this lesson, you will become a mime artist, to help you retell the story! Videos please!!!

Reception - Lesson 4

In this lesson, you will learn how to use imperative ('bossy') verbs to start an instruction.

Year One - Lesson 4

Day 5

In this lesson, we will retell the story all by ourselves, using all the practising we've done, to help us! You should be well rehearsed by now!

Reception- Lesson 5

Year One - Lesson 5 - today I would like you to try and write out some simple instructions for How to make a magic hat, using the skills you have learnt this week.

Topic Activities

In addition to the above activities, below is a few lessons for Understanding the World (Reception) and History (Year One), both of which look at Transport- perfect for our Learning Journey for this term.

Lesson 1


Reception - Lesson 1  Looking at different modes of transport

Year One - Lesson1 Looking at how Transport has made the world more connected now (part one)

Lesson 2


Reception - Lesson 2  Today you will get the chance to make your on aeroplane!

Year One - Lesson 2 Part two of last lesson..


Science Activities

In addition to the above activities, below is a couple of lessons for Science on the topic of Light. This is the beginning part of our topic for this term, which we will build on in the coming weeks, whether in school or at home. Please click on the link to access the lessons. 

Lesson 1


In this lesson we are going to learn about different materials and what they are.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2


What are different objects around us made from?

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

This lesson will focus on describing materials using scientific words.

Lesson 3

Music Activities

Lesson 1


Reception - Walking on my Street                                                                                          

Year One- Understanding pulse

Lesson 2

Reception- Sitting on the bus


Year One- Creating simple patterns

Lesson 3

Reception- Getting on the train


Year One- Understanding how sound is represented by symbols

Religious Education

This term, Rubies are revisiting the story of The Creation and how Christians believe the world was made. Then we will be thinking about how we look after this wonderful planet of ours!  

Watch the story on You Tube and/or read it in the Bible. 

You could also watch it HERE

Then, represent the story in your own way. You might...

  • Create a cartoon strip
  • Make a little book to retell the story using simple sentences.
  • Draw or paint a scene from the story
  • Create a shoebox world 
  • Make some puppets and ask an adult to film a puppet show of the story that you narrate
  • Come up with your own idea!

Useful Websites

We use a variety of online resources to help support what we do in school that your children can access at home if they wish. These include the following:

Purple MashPurpleMash - a platform which has various games, apps, topics, and projects included to support both the Computing and wider curriculum.

Netherfield CE Primary School - Topaz

Letterjoin - a website to support children with their handwriting, including a range of online and printable resources.

The Home Of Classroom Fitness for Children - Fitter Future

Fitter Futures - a physical activity website with tons of indoor and outdoor workouts for children to try if they wish.

Your child should have their own personal logins for both PurpleMash and Fitter Futures. The school login for Letterjoin has been shared previously. If you need it, please do not hesitate to email me. The same can be arranged if your child does not know their PurpleMash or Fitter Futures login.

Please click on the pictures to be taken to any of these websites.

Extra Activities

Fancy a bit of Art?  Some French?  A fun music lesson?  Find something new and exciting that you fancy learning about...  

Click the image:

1066 Battle of Hastings Activities

As part of our approach to teaching our local context, we have been learning a little about the Normans so far this year. To add to this, try to complete two (or more!) from this grid during your time at home.


1066 Home Learning - KS1 pdf 

Keeping Active

Whilst you are away from school, keep fit and active by undertaking some of these challenges. Send me information on your performance! You can also log in to Fitter Future and complete the suggested Daily Timetable - one workout each day - or choose any from their extensive list of workouts. You will need your username and password to access Fitter Future. If you don't remember it, you can email me and I will send it to you.

Ruby Fitness


  Skills workout

   We're going on a bear hunt Yoga


 5 Minute Move with Joe

  Move and freeze action song


 Andy's wild workout- in the undergrowth

 Otis boogie Beebies- under the sea


 Pirates Yoga

 5 minute move with Joe


 Active 8 with Joe

Andy's wild workout- up in the air


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